Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Papillon Fairtrade and Papillon Virtual Tours?
Papillon Virtual Tours is a trademark of Papillon Fairtrade. The company is owned by Monique Teggelove.

Where is Papillon Fairtrade based?
We are based in The Netherlands; with strong ties to Mali, where Monique has lived and worked for over ten years. Her other company Papillon Reizen is based in Mali, and serves clients for travel to several West African destinations.

Why are you based in Europe instead of Mali?
In 2020, during the global crisis, tourism came to a standstill around the world. Valuing financial independence both for herself and for the people on the Papillon Reizen team, Monique strongly felt that a Dutch seat would best serve the needs of both the company and its clients.

Why is the website in English if you are a Dutch company?
That is because we serve people from all corners of the world. Also, our virtual tours are guided in English and by having our website in English we limit the chance of wrong expectations.

Do you value fairtrade?
We sure do! Papillon Fairtrade and its trademarks work together with the local people and other third parties, based on the fair trade principle. A fair price is paid for products and services, based on the price level of the country.

What about social responsibility?
Papillon Fairtrade and its trademarks value taking on social responsibility. From all sales of Papillon Virtual Tours, part of the revenues are given back to the guide, cook or supported organizations; now and in the future. Contributing to financial independence for the people involved is one of our sphere points.

Can I rely on your ethical values?
Yes, you can. Commercial sexual activities, sexual activities involving minors, dealing in or the use of illegal drugs, contributing to corruption and child labour are actively banned by us.

What are the shipping fees?
All physical products are shipped free of charge within The Netherlands. At checkout the fee for international shipping is added to the total.

What is a virtual tour?
A virtual tour is an online product, a video, allowing you to experience a destination from wherever you are in the world.

Do your tours have set dates and times?
Our virtual tours have been pre-recorded, and can be watched at the day, time and place of your choice.

I very much enjoyed your tour and would like to offer it as an incentive to my team. Is this possible?
Thank you! It will be our pleasure to take your company order. Please contact us timely, especially for food and art tours involving a package. We may need some extra time assembling, depending on the numbers.

Can a virtual tour or e-book be bought as a present?
Yes, that is possible. In the confirmation email of your order a unique code is provided for each digital product. Give this code and the link to the gift page on our website to the person you want to surprise and they can access the gift.

Will you ever add live tours to your offer?
This is something we would enjoy considering doing in the future. At present the internet connection in our destination(s) is not reliable enough for this kind of service.

How do I access the tours?
Once you have ordered and paid for your tour(s); an automated email is generated, providing you with the information needed to access the tour.

I ordered a food or art experience, how does this work?
Like for other tours, an automated email is generated, providing you with the information to access the tour, as well as the recipes/information. Equally we get an alert that a package needs to be shipped to you, which we do as quickly as possible. Packages are shipped at least three times a week.

From where do you send the parcels?
Parcels are being sent out from The Netherlands. In some cases we may opt to send from Mali. The choice depends on destination address, stock and shipping time/fees. Our choices always aim to provide the best possible solution for you.

How long does it take for my parcel arrives?
We’d love to be able to give you a clear answer on this, however we depend on third parties. Depending on the destination address, parcels shipped from The Netherlands can arrive within several days, whereas parcels shipped from Mali may take several weeks. External events, beyond our sphere of influence, may cause longer delivery times.

My parcel hasn’t arrived. What should I do?
Depending on the destination it may take a while for your parcel to arrive. If it has been over four weeks since you placed your order – with borders and airports open and postal services working properly – we’d suggest you contact us. While it is extremely rare, a parcel can get lost.

I have ordered and paid, and have not received the confirmation email. What should I do?
Your confirmation email should under normal circumstances arrive within a few minutes after your payment has been received. If it did not find its way to your inbox, please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder, even though your payment was successful, please contact us through the contact page on this website.

I have filled out the contact form / sent an email. How long does it take for you to reply?
We always aim to answer within 24 hours on working days.

Other questions?
Please reach out to us using the contact form on this website.