Terms of service

1. Company
Papillon Papillon Fairtrade, and its trademarks, including Papillon Virtual Tours.

2. Booking / sales
Business to consumer bookings and sales for virtual tours and products can be made through the website. An automated confirmation with relevant information is sent by email.For business to business sales the booking/order can be placed.

3. Payment
Payment for business to consumer sales is due upon booking, through the website. All sales for virtual tours are final, and cannot be undone, due to the automated confirmation with link to the tour ordered.For business to business sales full payments are to be made prior to the delivery of the virtual tours and prior to the start of assembling/fulfilment of services and/or goods.Fees related to payment options are at clients’ charge.

4. Liability
Papillon Fairtrade is in no case liable for emotions or inconveniences experienced or caused by watching the virtual tours, by preparing the meals or art products or by incorrectly using any products.

5. Complaints
Complaints about services of goods delivered in an incomplete or damaged state, should be addressed within 72 hours after receipt of the product(s).Papillon Fairtrade always aims to deliver a good service or product, and will give its very best to provide the best possible solution for the situation: reparation, replacement or return.

6. Right of use of photos and videos
When clients share photos or videos of cooking and art experiences they give Papillon Fairtrade and Papillon Virtual Tours the right to use these for communication, e.g. on website or social media. If you do not want photos and videos featuring you or your underage children to be used for these purposes, this shall be mentioned when the photos or videos .

7. Copyright
Copyrights of all virtual tours and experiences are owned by Papillon Fairtrade and its trademark Papillon Virtual Tours. Sharing of (parts of) the tour(s) through any kind of media is only permitted after permission has been granted by a legal representative of Papillon Fairtrade.

8. Force majeur
Papillon Fairtrade and its trademarks always aim to meet the agreements made, including delivery terms. Working with external partners (such as for shipping), we cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by the external partners.

9. Termination of an order
If a client wishes to terminate an order, this will be communicated to Papillon Fairtrade. Papillon Fairtrade will then – based on the actual state of the order – provide the client with the costs involved in termination. After having received the quote for termination of the order, the client communicates the final decision regarding the termination of the order.All sales for virtual tours – of which the links are provided upon booking and payment – are final, and cannot be undone.

10. Disputes
In case of any disputes between Papillon Fairtrade (and its trademarks) and a client, legal steps can be taken in line with the Dutch law.

11. Application of general conditions
Papillon Fairtrade’s general conditions apply to all sales and orders of Papillon Fairtrade and its trademarks.