Mona - Egypt on September 22nd 2023

Monique is a very intuitive person and she is an embodiment of her thoughts, that what gives her readings richness. During summer time, I was going through one of tower moments, this is when I felt overwhelmed and in need of her support. She gave me a very powerful channelling reading, that helped me to take the right decisions.

Yolanda, Mexico on June 12th 2023

My channeled message from Sekhmet through Monique was amazing! As soon as I started reading it, I started to cry. I felt so much love and the information was so accurate and breathtaking that there was no doubt that it came from another dimension. It took me several weeks to assimilate everything that I was given. I am really grateful to Sekhmet and to Monique. I can't wait to get another reading from her!

Trudy - Netherlands on September 17th 2022

Ik had Monique gevraagd voor mij te channelen zonder een specifieke vraag te hebben. Er gebeurde al vrij in het begin al iets bijzonders. Er kondigden zich iemand aan en via haar kreeg ik de boodschap. Tijdens het channelen bleek dat die energie al een tijdje bij mij was. I was blown away 😇 van wat er allemaal gezegd werd! Ik vond de channeling heel bijzonder en heel integer want het ging over mijn overleden broer, die zij niet gekend heeft. / I had asked Monique to channel for me, without having a specific question. Right from the start something special happened. A spirit connected and she passed its message on to me. It became clear that this spirit’s energy had been with me for a while already. I was blown away 😇 by all that came through! I experienced the channeling as very special and honest, as it was about my deceased brother, whom Monique hasn’t known.

Erna, Netherlands on September 9th 2022

Ik mocht een channeling van Monique ontvangen en heb dit als heel fijn en bijzonder ervaren. Geregeld had ik kippenvel over mijn hele lijf, voor mij een bevestiging dat het klopte wat Monique doorgaf. Maar vooral is het duidelijk voelbaar dat Monique dit heel liefdevol, duidelijk, krachtig en stralend doet. Ze creëert, als vanzelf, een veilige plek om de channeling te ontvangen. Een aanrader! / I was given the chance to receive a channeling by Monique and have experienced it as very nice and special. Regularly I experienced goose bumps all over my body, a confirmation for me that the information passed on by Monique is true. But, above all it is clearly tangible that Monique does this lovingly, clearly, powerfully and shining. She naturally creates a safe setting to receive the channeling. Highly recommended!

Catherine Campbell on April 4th 2022

I just finished reading your book! It was so enjoyable walking those trails with you! Your writing had me right there in the picture! I felt so inspired! And loved the photos! Congratulations!❤❤❤

Lou – Australia on January 22nd 2022

What a fabulous experience! I enjoyed two tours from this company. Both were marvelous and really helpful in helping me to understand a bit about the long cultural traditions of Mali. I found you because I searched for Mali online, thinking deeply about a storybook of Sundiata that I’ll be bringing to my 11-12 year old students in a couple of weeks. I felt a need to find more of an impression of a country that is so far from mine (Eastern Australia). I’m so glad I found these tours, because they not only gave me an impression of the sights and sounds, the climate and complexity of Mali, but also made me picture myself there and feel how amazing it would be to travel to Mali in person. Thank you to the tour guides and all the people involved!

catherine campbell – Australia on October 5th 2021

As always, Papillon Fairtrade service was prompt, professional and helpful. The products were very enjoyable and I love knowing that my money is going to ethical business destinations. This family company operates with genuine sincerity for a better world, while offering quality products and service. Well done!

Tore Sværen – Norway on September 8th 2021

Perfect! Well done and organized! Big hug. Tore

Mary Ann Hodge – Canada on February 1st 2021

Since hearing of Monique's journey on the Camino, I have often thought that I would like to do this too. With "My Camino" I am able to experience Monique's journey along with her, and it opened my eyes to how I can walk this journey every day. As I journey through life, I too am presented with people and situations that reflect back to me experiences and personalities that trigger a reaction in me. As Monique says, time for inner work. It is when we can truly accept people for who they are, and where they are on their journey, that we learn to accept ourselves for who we are and where we are on our journey. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is in search of inner peace.

Federico Lazzaroni – Italy on November 1st 2020

Dear Monique, I felt in love with Mali. The tour is amazing. I love the way how the guide describes the costumes, traditions and his culture. :-) 

Love, John – The Netherlands on July 1st 2020

I have twice visited Mali and both trips were special experiences. Africa is “different” and has much to offer. When you mentioned you would tape and offer virtual tours, I felt excited, and was wondering if I would like it. Having seen the “Manding Tour” I am even more excited. Good guidance, beautiful nature, waterfalls, and routes as you can only experience in Africa; impressively bumpy. The tours are more than worth the money spent. I am looking forward to the next one(s). Keep up the good work!

Gerard – The Netherlands on September 1st 2012

Just another Camino book? No, this time I was pleasantly surprised. Monique managed to turn 'her' Camino in an intriguing, almost exciting book. It is about the walk, and also about love, self-image, doubt and grow. A very personal story, made accessible for a larger crowd.