The World at my Feet e-book

Traveling across the seven continents, the author experiences what it is like to step into the fog of not-knowing, to lose sight of the shore, to go with the flow of life, to trust in higher powers and to climb from the valley back to the top.
Monique takes us on a camel trek in the Sinai desert, to a tribal meeting in the Andes, on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu and on an adventurous journey from Peru to Bolivia. On Christian Island in Canada she receives a yellow heart and on the Faroe Islands she goes hitchhiking. In Australia she visits Aboriginal sites, in Japan she challenges herself to eat fugu and during a boat trip to Antarctica she learns about historic huts, albatrosses and penguins. Finally, she returns to Egypt to meet Sekhmet.

Monique has traveled through more than fifty countries and lived in Mali for eleven years. The World at my Feet is her third book.

This e-book has an e-pub file format.

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