4-day January sale

Happy new year!
We wish you a year of Love, Light, Health, Joy, Abundance and Freedom.

Many of us can use some positivity these days; something to look forward to. We feel like contributing to this and to honoring all of you around the world.
Enjoy a virtual Mali tour, treat yourself or a loved one on a gift from West Africa or buy one of Monique’s books.

Enter 22JAN on checkout for a 22% discount.

Thank you for being here.
Together we make the world a brighter place.
We look forward to sharing the beauty of the world with you.

Sale ends on 11 January 2022 (GMT+1 time zone).

Monique Teggelove January 7th 2022

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August 27th 2022

Monique's tweede boek is op veler verzoek nu ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.


October 12th 2021

Op 24 oktober vertelt Monique over haar reizen, wat haar drijft, wat ze ervaart en wat ze tegenko...

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