Gift a virtual tour or e-book

In the past three months about half of the orders we received were gifts.
Feeling blessed that so many of you share our products with loved ones, we have added a feature to facilitate the giving of digital products. When you order a virtual tour or an e-book, a unique code for each digital product is provided in the confirmation email.
Give the code to the person you want to surprise, and they can access their gift at our website.
Thank you for sharing the beauty of the world.

Monique Teggelove March 1st 2021

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August 27th 2022

Monique's tweede boek is op veler verzoek nu ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

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January 7th 2022

Add some color, joy and happiness to the start of your 2022 with our 4-day Happy New Year's sale....

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